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Manifesto of the Quality Policy


Affected by the maxims of the founder Heinrich Beyer the Mittelrheinische Metallgiesserei accept the obligation to make high demands on the quality of their casting products. We express this high demand with our registered word :

Quality equals added value

The awareness to work after this maxime has led the company to his today's reputation. For the future we want to work by this conviction.

The aim of the Quality System is to deliver to all our clients the products in due time, to the today's standard and that they correspond to the agreed technical and economical requirements. By the implementing of the Quality System reclamations should be avoid, failings be recognied and cleared, be revised and analysed.

The company management felt constrained to keep and support this manifesto to all his employees. As well as the Mittelrheinische Metallgiesserei be engaged in the development and the maintenance of the Quality System and to take care of all quality relevant processes in a foundry.

Therewith the high demand of quality is warranted, by the demands made by the customers and by ourselves.

The Quality System is written down in our management hand book.