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Beyer - a non ferrous metal foundry founded in 1928




Heinrich Beyer (1903 - 1994) founded in the age of 25 years the Mittelrheinische Metallgiesserei Heinrich Beyer GmbH & Co. KJG and leaded his company till 1989, at first in loan rooms.
Registered in the Trade Register of Andernach



Buy a property to built up a foundry in Andernach  

1938   Additional areas are bought to extend the company. Construction of a hall, a storeroom, washrooms and lounges for the workmen and women and a new office house with appartment.
1939   Now 40 workers are emplyed in a modern a bright factory. Production of heavy and light metal mould castings for the industry and the handcraft. 

During the Christmas Days of 2nd World War the company was hit by a bomb. The office building was completely damaged and huge parts of the production hall and the equipment as well. But - Thank God - no human being. 

1944   The factory is closed. The whole company and all buildings were requisitioned by the military administration and became a prisoners camp. After desbandment some people started with clearing of debris and repairing. 
1945   10 - 15 workers started the work and first orders were delivered to the French occupation area. 
A short time later the occupation authority started with the dismantling of all machines and equipments and transported everything to France. 
1947   The factory and the halls are empty. 

Currency reform, disbandment of the sequestration.
With energy, heart, spirit and trust into the future Heinrich Beyer started again with the rebuilding of his company. 15 - 20 former workmen were again employed.

1949   The production could start again. The production of centrifugal casting started in own builded furnaces. 

A first branch in Germany was built up in Bielefeld 


1953- 1983   Permanent expansion of the company in Andernach and enlarment of the materketing to national wide 14 offices and storehouses  
1960   The production of continuous casting was added to meet now all the demands of customer requirements.
1978   Heinrich Beyer celebrated his 50th Company jubilee and his 60th profession jubilee as owner of the foundry BEYER.
240 men and women are employed
1980   The central storehouse in Andernach has more then 1000 tons. of tubes, bars and profiles in stock.
1988   The town of Andernach honoured Heinrich Beyer with the freedom of the citiy because of his merit and spirit of boss of his enterprise 
1990   310 workers are employed 

The expansion of the company is now finished. The area of the whole factory in Andernach has now more then 40000 square meters.

1994   The founder Heinrich Beyer died in the age of 91 years. 
The company will be continued by his son, Heinrich Beyer jr.
1999   The company received the Quality Managment System Certification DQS DIN EN ISO 9001 
2001   A new investment has been done. A new huge storehouse of non-ferrous metals semi-finished products and an office building was built in G├╝tersloh. The branch in Bielefeld is closed. Everybody removed in a new and modern logisitc centre.