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Company profile


The Mittelrheinische Metallgiesserei was established in 1928 by Mr. Heinrich Beyer (★1903 -1994) and registered in the Trade Register of Andernach.

Mr. Heinrich Beyer has led his company until 1989. In 1988, the town of Andernach honoured him with the Freedom of the City because of his merit and spirit as boss of his enterprise.


In 1928, Mr. Heinrich Beyer started his enterprise as a moulding foundry at the same place where the foundry is still today positioned. In 1950 he started with the production of centrifugal casting in all non-ferrous copper alloys and light-metal alloys and by 1960 the production in continuous casting had been realized.


Today all non-ferrous alloys are produced in continuous and centrifugal casting in all copper and light-metal alloys according to DIN EN norms. Mould casting production was closed at the end of 2006.


The trade with non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, aluminium, copper-aluminium, grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite iron in form of round bars, rings, bushes, flat- square- and hexagonal bars, plates and profiles has become a second line of business.


The mother company and its 11 branches (Berlin, Gütersloh, Dortmund, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Nuernberg, Marbach, Zwickau, Muehlhausen/Thueringen) has 200 employees.


In 1999, the mother company and its branches were connected directly with phone wires and internet, and e-mail addresses were installed.


Our products are exported to all Europeen countries and further.


On the 8th July 1999 the company was certificated by the German Quality System DQS to DIN EN ISO 9001. On August 9th 2002 certification by the German Quality System DQS to DIN EN ISO 9001/2000.


The Mittelrheinische Metallgiesserei Ltd. Company & Ltd. partnership is a family company and is led today by the founder's son, Mr. Heinrich Beyer jr., managing director.